Left-Handed Guitar Picks


Left-Handed Guitar Picks for Lefty Guitarists

Here you can find a selection of left-handed guitar picks for lefty players. I have selected picks of various designs, thicknesses, shapes, and materials. You can browse through the offerings and choose the best one for you.

Here’s a table with left-handed friendly picks with the main info. More details about each and photos you can learn next.

BumblebeeThumbpickFred Kellyadjustable, rotation
ThumbpickDunlopmedium, large size
SlickThumbpickFred Kellynarrow for speed play
ThumbpickBlack Mountainuniversal size
GypsyJazzFlatWegenthick, good grip
BluegrassFlatWegenmedium thickness, good grip

Left-Handed Thumbpicks

A left-handed guitar thumbpick is a small device that fits onto the thumb of a left hand. It is typically made of plastic and metal. Thumbpick is mostly used when you need to use all fingers and used pick at that time. For example, it’s convenient when you play in the fingerstyle technique.

Fred Kelly Left-Handed Bumblebee

Left-Handed Guitar Thumbpick Fred Kelly BumbleBee

The Fred Kelly Bumblebee is a unique pick that combines a flat and thumb pick. It’s adjustable and rotational for a user-friendly experience.

Produces for left and right-handers. The Bumblebee comes in two shapes: Jazz and Teardrop. You can choose pick with sharp or more rounded tip. Feels like a regular flat pick. Has an adjustable angle of attack.

  • Manufacturer: Fred Kelly
  • Model: Bumblebee
  • Gauge:
    • Light 0.5 mm
    • Medium 0.74 mm
    • Heavy 1.04 mm
    • X-Heavy 1.36 mm
  • Material: Delrin plastic
  • Shape:
    • Jazz: sharp, aggressive tip
    • Teardrop: rounded, less aggressive tip
  • Made in USA

Left-Handed Thumbpick Fred Kelly BumbleBee Teardrop

Left-Handed Guitar Thumbpick Fred Kelly BumbleBee Teardrop

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Left-Handed Thumbpick Fred Kelly BumbleBee Jazz

Left-Handed Guitar Thumbpick Fred Kelly BumbleBee Jazz

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Dunlop Left-Handed Thumbpick

Left Handed Guitar Thumbpick Dunlop 9013R

Dunlop offers a classic slick left-handed plastic thumbpick. Pick comes in two sizes Medium and Large.

  • Manufacturer: Jim Dunlop
  • Model: Thumbpick
  • Material: Plastic

Left-Handed Thumbpick Dunlop

Left-Handed Guitar Plastic Thumbpick Dunlop 9013R

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Fred Kelly Left-Handed Slick Thumbpick

Left-Handed Guitar Slick Pick Fred Kelly

One more left-handed thumbpick by Fred Kelly model Slick. Picks are made of premium Delrin plastic and Polycarb. Left-handed versions come in two colors yellow and blue. Available only in heavy gauge: 1.22 mm.

  • Manufacturer: Fred Kelly
  • Model: Slick
  • Thickness: 1.22 mm
  • Material: Delrin, Polycarb
  • Made in USA

Fred Kelly Left-Handed Thumbpick Slick, Yellow

Left-Handed Guitar Thumbpick Slick Fred Kelly Yellow

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Fred Kelly Left-Handed Thumbpick Slick, Blue

Left-Handed Guitar Thumbpick Slick Fred Kelly Blue

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Black Mountain Left-Handed Thumbpick

Left-Handed Black Mountain Thumb Pick

Black Mountain offers something different. Universal left-handed pick with spring that fits any thumb size. High-quality plastic thumbpick produced in Canada.

You can choose picks with regular or extra-tight spring tension.

  • Manufacturer: Black Mountain
  • Model: Universal Thumbpick
  • Gauge:
    • Light 0.5 mm
    • Medium 0.7 mm
    • Heavy over 1.0 mm
  • Material: Nylon
  • Made in the Netherlands

Black Mountain Left-Handed Universal Thumbpick

Left-Handed Guitar Universal Thumbpick Black Mountain

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Dunlop Metal Left-Handed Thumbpick

Left-Handed Metal Thumbpick Dunlop

For more “steel” sound Dunlop offers metal thumb picks for left-handed guitarists.

  • Manufacturer: Jim Dunlop
  • Model: Metal Thumbpick
  • Material: Steel
  • Made in USA

Dunlop Left-Handed Metal Thumbpick

Left-Handed Metal Thumbpick Jim Dunlop

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ProPik Metal Left-Handed Thumbpick

Left-Handed ProPik Metal Thumbpick

Left-handed Metal ProPik thumb pick features a secure, non-slip design, preventing any unwanted movement. It offers a snug fit without being overly tight. Should you ever need to fine-tune the fit, simply expand or contract the thumb pick’s wrap.

  • Manufacturer: ProPik
  • Model: Good Grips Metal
  • Thumb size: Large, Medium
  • Gauge: 0.6 mm (0.025″)
  • Material: Nickel/Silver
  • Made in USA

Left-Handed ProPik Good Grips Metal Thumbpick

Left-Handed ProPik Metal Thumb Pick

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Fred Kelly Left-Handed Speed Thumb Pick

Left-Handed Speed Thumbpick Fred Kelly

Left-handed Speed thumb pick designed by Fred Kelly for speed and precision play. Picks are made of premium Delrin plastic. Available only in heavy gauge: over 1.0 mm.

  • Manufacturer: Fred Kelly
  • Model: Speed Thumbpick
  • Thickness: 1.0 mm
  • Material: Delrin plastic
  • Made in USA

Fred Kelly Left-Handed Speed Thumbpick

Left-Handed Delrin Speed Pick Fred Kelly

Available Heavy gauge:

ProPik Left-Handed Thumbpick

Left-Handed ProPik Thumbpick

ProPik Left-handed Metal-Plastic thumbpick for stringed instruments. This pick has a special non-slip construction with a metal frame for the thumb and a plastic tip for noiseless and clean sound.

One more feature. If you find the pick feeling too tight or loose, simply adjust the thumb pick’s wrap to find the perfect fit.

  • Manufacturer: ProPik
  • Model: Metal-Plastic Thumbpick
  • Thumb size: Small, Medium, Large
  • Plectrum thickness: 1.0 mm
  • Material: Nickel/Delrin
  • Made in USA

ProPik Left-Handed Metal-Plastic Thumbpick

Left-Handed Flat Picks

Most flat picks are universal for left-handed and right-handed players. They are symmetrical in shape and beveled with no finger cutouts.

If you need a regular plectrum, choose any you like. There’s no point in bothering left-handed ones. Especially for beginners.

But if you want something really left-handed, further we will consider such options.

Wegen Left-Handed GypsyJazzPick

Left-Handed Wegen Flat Pick

Handcrafted left-handed plectrum Wegen GypsyJazzPick. Designed and produced by Michel Wegen in the Netherlands.

It’s a high-quality professional guitar flat pick. The pick has a beveled and curved tip comfortable for left-handers. Both sides have cutouts for good grip.

  • Manufacturer: Wegen
  • Model: GypsyJazzPick
  • Size: 30 mm long, 26 mm wide
  • Thickness: 3.5 mm
  • Material: Tortoise-like plastic
  • Made in the Netherlands

Wegen Left-Handed GypsyJazzPick Plectrum

Wegen Left-Handed Bluegrass Pick

Left-Handed Wegen Bluegrass Pick

Another handcrafted left-handed plectrum Wegen Bluegrass. This model is thinner than the previous GypsyJazzPick and has a thickness of 1.4 mm.

The pick is for bluegrass guitarists. It’s designed with a beveled and curved tip that is comfortable for left-handers. Has holes for good grip.

  • Manufacturer: Wegen
  • Model: Bluegrass
  • Thickness: 1.4 mm
  • Material: Tortoise-like plastic
  • Made in the Netherlands

Wegen Left-Handed Bluegrass Plectrum

Choosing Guitar Pick: Fast Guide

The main points to look out for when choosing a left-handed guitar pick. I describe the basic points, and then experience comes into play.

1. Thickness

One of the most important characteristics because the thickness will determine the sound.

Thin: under 0.5 mm– Flexible
– Not so durable
– Low control over single notes
Good for rhythm playing, light sound
Medium: 0.5-1 mm– Flexible/Rigid balance
– More durable than thin
– Versatile in technique
Most versatile picks for different techniques
Thick: over 1 mm– Rigid
– Durable
– High single notes control
Good for solos and hard riffs playing

2. Material

The most common guitar pick materials are plastic (Nylon, Delrin, Celluloid) and metal. Plastic picks have similar characteristics. The main difference is the grip and how they feel with your fingers. Cheaper options may feel slippery.

3. Shape

There are many shapes of guitar picks and each manufacturer has its own unique features.

But here is a four ‘classic’ shapes:

  • Standard: most versatile, good for beginners at the start point.
  • Triangle: has a symmetric triangle shape, larger than common picks, popular among bassists.
  • Teardrop: narrow drop shape and small size for maximum play control.
  • Jazz: this shape between Triangle and Teardrop, designed for speed and precision.

4. Design

The most popular picks designs are: regular (flat) and thumbpick (which is put on the thumb).

Flat picks are mostly universal. They are equally comfortable for left-handed and right-handed players. There are variants of flat picks specifically designed for left-handed players. They usually have an asymmetrical shape and special notches or holes for a comfortable grip.

Thumbpicks are produced separately for right and left hand, cause our thumbs are different (mirrored).