About Project

Welcome to LEFTYHANDY!

What it is and for whom

Leftyhandy is an independent project created by Freddy Shum.

Leftyhandy is made for left-handed people who are interested in music.

On this site you can find:

  • Reviews of different instruments
  • Reviews of accessories
  • Selections and lists of equipment
  • Brands and manufacturer reviews
  • Guides and learning materials


The mission is to make a full database of left-handed musical gear. That lefties can easily find and learn interesting equipment.

Also, I create guitar teaching materials for left-handed players. These are chord charts, scales, etc.

It’s a long and hard way to do it. But I like it and do this persistently and enjoy the process.


Here’s a list of the main project’s principles.

  • NO display ads – it’s a terrible experience with irrelevant info
  • NO paid reviews – I’m not selling, I’m telling
  • BEST or TOP – nothing better exists, when I use ‘best’ or ‘top’ it means a high selling rate or a popular product
  • NO pop-up subscriptions and other spammy methods


On leftyhandy.com I use affiliate links to products you’re reading about.

First, it gives me the opportunity to earn a commission on the project, for myself, well, and to buy another Porsche 911.

Second, the links to the products make it easy to find them rather than googled them later.


5% of our revenue goes to support homeless animal shelters or to volunteers who help animals.

Best for Lefties:) See ya!

For any questions, please visit the contact page and get in touch.